Turning Point Campsite

IS/IVCF is a non-governmental organization that has been established for 60 years with a focus on the educated youth through our school clubs and camps.

The camping approach

Through the camping approach, the group has been able to influence and direct the young to productive lives. Our primary focus is to capture the hearts and minds of students so that they will experience and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. This will empower them to live regret free, productive lives.


The Turning Point Campsite is located on a five acres site situated in the serene Maracas Valley. It is on the main valley road just beyond the Acono Junction.

Consists of three structures that:

  • house 100 persons
  • includes two (2) kitchens
  • two (2) auditoriums
  • parking lot
  • external seating areas

Support our Campsite

Donations can be made to the Turning Point building project via:

Republic Bank account number 160104114901

Dropping off cheques and payments to:

the Inter School/Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship office

34 Mc Donnell Street, Curepe.