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Theology of Work (TOW) examines the biblical foundations of a much-neglected area of ministry – THE WORKPLACE –where we spend most of our waking moments. TOW seeks to bridge the gap between our lives on a Sunday and what we do during
the rest of the week.
Date: August 10th and 11th, 2017
Venue: St. Augustine Evangelical Bible Church, Cor. Bellesymthe and Agostini Street, St. Augustine.
Time: 5pm-9pm [Registration and dinner: 5pm-5:45pm]
Cost: $150
Doctor Reju was trained as a banker and has been in pastoral and teaching vocation for 19 years. Dr. Reiu is the founding Pastor of The Kingdom Citizens’ Pavilion Ministry, a rnulti-faceted local congregation based in Jos. The Church community serves the city in areas of, education through the Kingdom Citizens International School and Kingdom Citizens College, and social- political and economic empowerment through the Patris Empowerment Initiative, a Social-Political Action group for the promotion of responsible Governance and citizenship in Nigeria. He also mentors Christian Artists by resourcing them to develop capacity to deploy the Arts for transformational purposes; the flagship of the Arts Initiative is the “Jos Citv Gatekeepers Band” and “M4Creation” Studios. Dr. Reju is also a lecturer at Bekke University and is one of the professors involved in training and leadership development for University and College Graduates.

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