IVCF UWI Production 2017 – WOKE

As a means of campus evangelism, the students of IVCF produced a drama production called “Woke”. The production was hosted at Daaga Auditorium on the 19th of April, 2017. The production was a partnership of IVCF campuses. The production featured the story of a student who shared his faith with his peers and included apologetic discourse throughout the program which was executed in creative ways. The name “Woke” was derived from the recently trending social media statement and hashtag “#staywoke” which meant to be alert and aware of the truth. The production aimed to present the truths of Christianity and to show why Christians believe in God and Jesus Christ. At the end of the production, a call to faith was issued in which 13 persons responded. Currently, follow-up is being planned and executed so as to assist these individuals in their spiritual journey in Christ. – Simeon Moore

Please take a moment to enjoy the entire production, “Woke”.



Photography courtesy: Inspired Lens Photography https://goo.gl/jvX0Gy




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