IS/IVCF Annual General Meeting

All IS/IVCF stakeholders, students, sponsors, volunteers and supporters are invited to our Annual General Meeting. Get involved in the IS/IVCF movement to ‘KNOW CHRIST & MAKE HIM KNOWN’. The IS/IVCF AGM Booklet can be accessed at the following link [AGM Booklet 2016].

As required by the memorandum and articles of association, three (3) directors will be retiring by rotation. We ask that you join us in prayerful consideration as we seek volunteers to fill these vacancies. Nominations will be taken at the AGM. We encourage you to discuss with anyone so suited, the possibility of their serving ahead of the meeting.

1. Have a personal ongoing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
2. Have a passion for student work
3. Is in good standing with their local church
4. Preferably, is someone who has been involved in the ministry in recent times.

A national IS/IVCF Board is responsible for:
1. Direction – Establish organizational mission, vision and strategic direction
2. Capacity – Assure adequate organizational capacity
3. Performance – Monitor and strengthen organizational
4. Governance – Develop and sustain effective governance structure and process

Taken from IFES Ministry Governance Training Manual 2012

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